Ability to create lists

Dan G 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 1

the idea here is that during these 1:1 discussions or posts, items may be identified, they may be tasks, or features, or deliverables, etc. It would be super useful to be able to create a new list during a conversation (through a bot tag #list New Features, etc.) and then during the conversation be able to add items to the list, again through some tag or bot. I say "lists" to keep it generic and leave it to the user community to decide what the lists will do. The lists could evolve, ie assign an item in a list to a person, add a due date, add it to a release (for a feature), etc. Endless productive possibilities. Thanks, D


We are building a Task Management feature that will allow you to create tasks from posts, comments or chat messages (or just create tasks on their own). Each forum and team will have its own Tasks tab. You can choose to keep the tasks in a simple list format or add categories and create a "Task Board" (like Trello).

Additionally, we plan to add support for creating simple lists using markdown.