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Email invites

Charles 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Once new members get an email from DEMO (this is just an example)

Instead of

Please join me -> Join DEMO

I have made you a member of this Ryver account -> I have made you a member of DEMO

Click here to join me -> Click to join

Account Name: DEMO -> demo.ryver.com

All the rest is ok. Otherwise it's a little confusing :)

Under review

One reason we show the account name without the full URL is so that people know what to put in the Desktop/Mobile apps when they are logging into an account there. We did update our Welcome email, trying to clarify the full URL for browser access, along with the Ryver account name on its own.

Do you find this any more clear?

i saw it. it's much better than what you previously made.

Suggestion: let people save a custom message in the "Include a personal message" (instead of writing it again and again)