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Allowing Private Teams to Communicate With Each Other

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

How do private teams communicate with each other? If Events has a question for IT, but no one from the IT dept is in the Event dept Ryver Team, their options are to DM one of us, email us, or walk over and talk to one of us. All fine options, but it'd be great if there was a way to include others in a conversation through Ryver.

If there's a discussion in a forum and there's a question that someone from the Membership dept could answer, the asker would either have to wait for someone from membership to see the question and reply, or @mention a person from membership in the chat and hope that person is available.

I propose groups which can be used in an @mention. It'd also be great for administrative controls.

In the first exampIe, I see an IT group that contains the members of the IT dept. Someone in Events could @IT and the members of the IT group would get a notification of the question. Ideally we could reply to the notification to post back to their chat with an answer, without having to be part of their private team or see what else they're discussing. This might also work in a Post - if the @IT group was mentioned in the Post, we could comment on that post in that team, without seeing anything else in the Team. That would help break down some silos.

In the second example, all the members of the @membership group would get a notification of the new forum message, where they could reply directly.

Another benefit to the groups would be from an administrative standpoint, if all members of a group could be added to a Team. This would help with my Events example, since there are usually several events happening and each event might have it's own Team.


I'd LOVE to see this, but recognize it might be difficult to accomplish. I think ad-hoc group chat might address this. For the scenario above, someone in Events could start a new group and add Events and IT. It would likely address the bulk of this need.

The ability to add everyone in a team - the groups idea mentioned above - would be helpful in creating appropriate groups.