Back button closes Ryver

Rafael Cintrón 6 years ago updated by Dom 5 years ago 5

In the mobile client (android), whenever I hit the back button Ryver closes. It should stay open in the background, or at least give you the option to close it or not using a dialog box. This is very counter intuitive, since most apps do not behave this way. Users of mobile apps are used to use the back button as a "previous screen" button, not as a "close inmediately" button.


We implemented the Android client following the standard pattern of closing the app if you hit "back" while on a top-level view. However, we now realize that most people are considering the Navigation Bar to be the top level view. The next mobile update will take you back to the nav bar if you are on a Forum, Team or User, and we'll even have an option to completely turn off the close functionality when hitting the back button...even from the nav bar. Thanks!

Great! You should also add "Navigation Bar" to the <default tab on startup> list.


While in the Android client, you can now go to My Settings, and at the bottom of preferences, there is an option to NOT leave the app when you hit the back button while on the navigation bar.

Option helps prevent closing it by mistake, but it's still a bit confusing. I think it would be better to put app in background instead, like WhatsApp is doing.


Would be nice to have a double tap functionality on the back  botton to exit from the App.
At the moment you can either come out from the App and if you activate the option, just go back to the previous screen. There is no way to exit the app.