Different view for backlog and to do state

mdabdulmunim 3 years ago 0

It would be really helpful if we have a different view for backlog and not as a category column. It becomes very crowded along with other columns. We can have a backlog view and a board view- the board view contains all the category columns to show progression of works. 

Also, let's say the todos(in kanban, in sprint, it's sprint) are always picked up from backlog, they can reside in the same view as backlog. May be backlog in the lower part of the screen and todos are at the upper part. That way moving a task from backlog to todo has a decent natural UX. Also in the board view, we see the todo as left most column as well- it's fixed. You just use it to take the works from pipeline to assign it under different category columns. 

Please release this feature asap, we are having hard time due to the absence of basic stuffs like this.