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Aaron 6 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 16

There should be a "mark as new" option like in email. If I click on a Forum, it's possible that I'll want to come back to it at a later time. Marking it as new should reset the Forum color so I know to go back to it.

Also, when I go to a Forum with new messages, it should scroll to the earliest new chat or post as it can easily be missed if the other person typed a lot.

Under review

Thanks for this suggestoin, Aaron. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you want to make the pinned forum tab in the nav bar turn yellow, as if there are new chat messages in it?

We do have another feature request to add a "Remind Me" button to chat like we have on Posts/Comments. This would send you an actual notification in the NOTIFICATIONS tab, reminding you to revisit a particular chat message. Does this sound like it would do the trick for you?

Hi Jeff,

That's correct, I'd like it to turn yellow again as if I had never read the message to begin with. Maybe even display a count of "new" messages, so I could see if there were more new messages than what I left off with.

I do believe a "Remind me" button would work in place of what I mentioned. The workflow I suggested was based on how I used Slack, so I'm open to other thoughts/suggestions. As long as it's something that I can leave as "unread" so that I don't forget to go back and look at it, that's all that matters.

Thanks for taking this under consideration!


Is this a feature that is being added soon? If you can't mark a forum or chat as unread to read later then you really have to deal with messages as soon as you get them and can't mark them as being something you will look at later if you are busy at the time. This is a pretty massive missing feature in my opinion.


5 months - let's get this rolled out.

slack had this feature and i use it every single day


This would be pretty boss to have, it's a great way to keep track of stuff to look at again.


I had originally planned to merge this request into the "Remind me" request for chat messages. But we will re-evaluate to see if it makes sense to offer both. We're probably a month out from starting on "Remind Me", but will see if this is something that could be worked on in parallel to another project we have going...


I think there's absolutely value in having both. For my personal workflow I would much prefer to be able to mark chats as unread than to schedule reminders. It's easier to just click it unread then check it when you have time than to always be setting remind times, plus you don't always know when you'll be free.

I agree with J S. I honestly would never use the reminder feature.

Hurrah! I love the remind me feature! it was so much more convenient than the google calendars reminder.

i use the reminder feature in slack EVERYDAY

i use the unread feature in slack EVERYDAY

both of them are NOT in ryver - enough said.


Having discussed it, we'll definitely look into the Mark Unread option in the chat room, independent of the "Remind Me" feature for chat messages.

That's Awesome! Great job guys. Looking forward to it :)


We have reviewed and definitely plan to implement the "Mark as new" or "Mark as unread" option now, regardless of the status of the "Remind me" feature. We looked into implementing it for the next update, but there are a couple of issues we need to work out first to make sure we don't impact the automated notifications and highlighting of the tabs.

Hey, any update on the mark as new feature for chat messages? Remind me not really that useful for my workflow, just moved over from slack and very much miss this feature! 

Yeah, I'm still super interested in this too. It feels like this feature was forgotten about with all the Tasks Beta stuff you guys are doing. The remind me feature is not useful for my workflow either. 


We released the "Mark as Unread" chat action this past weekend, and the mobile update is rolling out to the app stores today.