Transfer the Reminder icon from the 3 periods area to next to the reaction icon

Ben 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Creating a reminder in Ryver currently takes 3 clicks, vs 1 click for starring a message on Slack.  The good thing about Ryver’s reminders is that users can choose if they want to be reminded NOW or in a few minutes, hours days.  Currently, on the right of each message there are a REPLY, REACTION and 3PERIODS icons..  I suggest that this is changed to REPLY, REACTION, REMINDER and 3PERIODS icons.  This way, setting reminders would change to 2 clicks instead of 3.  Makes the system more efficient.

Even better.  Leave the Create a Reeminder system as it is right now, but add a visible REMIND NOW button next to all messages.  That way, setting a quick reminder will take only one click.  Very efficient!