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Convert teams & forums between each other (private -> public & vice-versa

Roy Nasser 6 years ago updated by Olie 3 years ago 16

I realize this may not be an easy task, but its something that after a long time slack finally implemented and it is useful more frequently than I would have thought...

Often we are discussing something in a private group and end up invitng so many people it would make more sense to have it as an open channel... Having the history "copied" over, is something essential however...

The opposite also happens in some cases where a public channel starts taking on a strategic twist, and we want to segreagate some content from teh entire team be it for a long time or just temporarily (for example when we do bugathons/hackathons, we start with a public channel, and then convert to private when devs want to just get their heads down... This isnt the best example but its one I've come accross)...

This functionality would also be very useful in importing from Slack... I have discussed/proposed a possible workflow that would allow us to import private & public channels from slack instead of the public ones only as per today's limitation.

The proposed idea is:

- Admin disables all users on Slack

- Admin (or group of admins) convert all private channels to public and rename them with a prefix (ex: priv_****) or something in order to keep track of them

- Admin runs import to Ryver

- [Missing ryver functionality proposed>>] At this point, in Ryver, the Admin can make all the priv_*** channels private, and rename them appropriately

- After doing this, the Admin can then invite the users into Ryver.

- Migration completed :)

I assume there would be some manual work (in slack: renaming, making public, and then in ryver: rnaming, making private), but I would argue this is something that most admins would be willing to do... at least for groups that matter... We have some very large private groups, and its one of the reasons we dont migrate from Slack paid into Ryver yet... (This and admin restrictions for group creation)... Anyways, I'm not sure how complex this may be from a data standpoint within Ryver, but it would help with the 2 areas... Importing & General communication flow...

Totally agree with the OP. Just migrated in my channels from slack and they all showed up as public forums, and they should be private teams. Ideally, I would just like to change a setting from public to private, (and/or vice versa), assuming that both types work in nearly the same way.

For the Slack import part of this request, please note that we are now looking into the possibility of importing Private Channels from Slack. It would be somewhat limited, in the sense that the person doing the import (their API key) would only be able to import the Private Channels that they can see. So some of your users might report and complain that their private channels did not get imported, even though others did. But at least this would give you some options for getting your private data into Ryver.

Mark - We haven't implemented the Private Channel support yet, so when you imported your Slack data, only Public Channels should have gotten imported. The Private Channels should have been ignored. But I will run some tests to see if something has changed with the Slack APIs that is causing our import to work differently all of a sudden. We certainly haven't changed any code in that area recently.

Thanks Jeff. It appears that as a new user of slack, I was less familiar with their open and closed channels and it was more likely that I was creating open channels there, and not private ones.

That said, after having made this mistake, (on both sites), I can still see the desire to make a public group private should the content head in a direction that justifies securing it, and vice versa in the case where a team wants to be transparent about the genesis of a project that has been in the works privately for a while.


My team just started using Ryver a few weeks ago, so while we don't have a lot of history, there is already a desire by many members of my development team to convert what are currently Private Teams to Open Forums.

I noticed that this is months old, has there been any update on whether or not this will be implemented?


Any word on this? Would be very helpful feature.



yes, that feature would be very helpful for me as well.


This would be an awesome addition.

This is under review quite some time. Is it in the next round of updates?


Any more update on this, will this basic feature be available in near future?


Wouldn't that be nice Dennis? Appears the "Review" process can take quite some time. Would be quite helpful to do basic things.

Guys, I converted from Slack nearly a year ago.

Ryver improved drastically in that timespan and I really love it - but I can't use it properly ever since because I can't convert the open forums to private teams. I'd love to open my Ryver app to a broader audience and invite new users, but have to protect my private chats from them (I'm running a basketball site and atm only my editors and writers are part of Ryver. As we converted from slack, all our internals became "open", because we couldn't convert our slack channels to private teams).

I'd REALLY open up my Ryver app for new users and show more users this excellent platform, but I need to protect our current chats by converting them. Any chance, this would take place anytime soon?

Since Roy stated nearly two years ago: I'd give you another reason to convince slack users to move to Ryver!

Just wanted to use this yet nonexisting feature so I will just add a +1

This has been under review for 2+ years - why is it so seemingly difficult to add such a simple and obviously important feature? Now, we have to pay $99 a month for Ryver, so this should be even more of a priority. The fact this isn't being priortized arguably shows the lack of consideration towards paying customers. It is vital to be able to turn public forums private if/when necessary, so please fix this ASAP. How hard can it be?

I strongly agree with everyone in this post that we should be able to make an exact copy of an open forum and turn it into a private team.  Idealy I would like to keep the open forum intact  and functional and  only  make a copy of it  as a private team. 

 I'm not a programmer so I don't know what that involves exactly, but as it has been requested now for over three years and slack has already implemented the same  feature.  I would think it would be a high priority for Ryver and at least get some  recent reply from the Ryver team as to progress and ETA.

I also hope this becomes available really soon. Very useful specially if you have a growing team.