Allow cancelling of entering password for admin settings in iOS app

Jeff Rensink 5 years ago updated by Isaac Shalev 5 years ago 1

Ran into a frustrating scenario using the iOS mobile app.  I was logged into my Ryver server and could chat.  Then I mistakenly chose to go to the Admin Settings, where I was asked to enter my password.  The problem is that I use random passwords and didn't know it, so I couldn't enter my password.  But I also couldn't go back into the regular interface any more (there is no back/cancel option).

I tried killing the app in iOS by double pressing the home button and swiping the app up.  I even rebooted my phone.  But each time, Ryver dumped me right back to the admin password screen.  I tried putting in wrong passwords a few times, hoping it would hit a threshold and dump me back into the normal app.  Unfortunately, this doesn't happen.   So I try killing the app and opening it up again, but this time I'm at the main Ryver login page.  So I give up and figure I'll just look up m password when I get home.

Now I'm at home, I look up my password and try to login.  That's when I'm notified about my account being locked out from too many bad login attempts.  I reset my password to unlock my account, log back into Ryver on my phone and I'm put right back at the admin setting login screen again.  Fortunately I have my password now and can enter it to get past this.  But what a hassle and it also prevented me from using the app just because I accidentally chose Admin Settings.

All of this could have been avoided by simply allowing me to cancel my admin settings login attempt.  So please add a cancel link/button to the admin setting login screen.  

It would be great if accessing admin settings didn't require a password each time. Every 60 days?