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Daily digest / summary email

Ryan Shuya Scouts 6 years ago updated by Vance 4 years ago 5 1 duplicate

We are a volunteer group and we do not require instant, daily communication. The email notifications for each post change or direct message are overwhelming for our members, as very few of them have jobs where they are at a computer all day. A daily digest or summary email for team chats and posts would allow for timely updates while being easy on the inbox. For us, the best time to send the digest would be early evening (or make it configurable).

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I would make the digest frequency configurable if possible. Daily, Hourly, etc.


I hate to bump my own topic, but yesterday my team was griping about how annoying the email notifications are when you're trying to chat with someone. This seems like an easy fix with no real downsides.

Under review

A lower frequency email would actually be good for our server load as well. :-) We'll take a look at what it would take to add a configurable frequency. We'll also need to look into how we would go about combining different types of notifications. Today, that part is simple since we just need to put one thing (chat, post or comment) into the email.

Under review

We do wait a minute right now before sending an email, in case a bunch of messages come through in succession. But we will look into additional frequency options.

Also, if you just don't want the emails at all, you can turn that off in My Settings > Notifications.

Hi!  I'm hoping there is an update to this.  My organization has been using a different service which sends a daily and weekly digest and the options of email or no email are not enough for us here. If we are to stay, something like this is needed.  Please advise :)