Add auto focus to chats!

Austin Best 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 5

When you click on someones name to start a chat, or in a forum or anywhere, the cursor should default to the typing box. It is quite annoying to click on the person and start typing to constantly find i again have to click just to focus the cursor. This is such a simple change and oversight i would hope it could be implemented sooner than later!


Also when the Ryver application does not have focus and you click on the Chat entry field, the chat entry field momentarily has focus and then the focus is lost. This is very annoying because many times I have found myself typing a sentence to find that I lost what I typed.

Under review

Hi Austin - When you select a user from the navigation bar and it takes you to the chat room, it should definitely be putting the focus in the chat input box.

Or are you talking about when you are trying to @mention somebody and you use your mouse to select them from the auto-complete list? We did have an issue with that which was fixed in chat with the update we pushed out two days ago.

But that issue does still exist if you do @mention/auto-complete in a comment on a post. It retains focus if you use your keyboard to select the person, but if you use your mouse, the Comment input box loses focus. We're still trying to come up with a fix for that one.

This appears to have fixed its self or been fixed with no update here through the last 9 months.

We have fixed a few issues in this area. The next desktop app update will fix the focus issue when moving between organizations.