Notification or Flag when a direct message was sent a while back

Christophe Ngo 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Right now if a direct message is sent it bring up a notice on the bottom right, but I'm away from machine there is nothing that let's me know I have received direct messages. You are required to scroll down to see the highlighted persons name.

Could it be an option to show up in the Notifications tab or use a label like HipChat does to let you know that there is an unread message above / below?


In the relatively near term, we intend to add support for a watermark, showing where the unread messages start. We additionally will be looking into having an option to get a proper "notification" in the NOTIFICATIONS tab when you ahve new direct messages. We'll probably tie that to a user preference, and I'm not sure yet where we will get that scheduled in.

Thanks for the consideration and update Jeff.