Ryver localization / internationalization

Ondřej Hudeček 6 years ago updated by Vance Yzbick 1 year ago 10

Hello guys, I appreciate your work, I am glad our small team based in Czechia will have a communication platform for "affordable" price ;)

I hope you had started Ryver development with future internationalization in mind and would not have problems adding more languages to your app in future. We are just fine with English, but maybe one day when you start adding languages I will gladly help you with translation to Czech :-) I believe that is a load of your mind, right? :))

I wish you all best and thank you for both being smart and brave and giving Ryver to us.



Thank you, Ondrej! We definitely intend to localize/internationalize the platform. We already have a lot of international customers using our U.S. English-based product, and we'd like to show you all some love by offering more languages and associated time formats, etc.

I don't have an exact date for when we'll do the internationalization effort, but just to be open/honest, we have Summer 2016 already filled with features/improvements, including a first pass at our premium services such as Task Management and some Enterprise features. Then we'll be scoping out the remaining localization effort and looking for translation partners.

Good morning - of course there are many options from IBM, Google, Microsoft and others to smoothly integrate translations into out software. I was struck by today's announcement from Microsoft and am looking at ways our community can take advantage of their chat service: https://translator.microsoft.com/

But most interesting for us here in Ryver would be the introduction of this widget: http://www.bing.com/widget/translator ... that could be something you might quickly and easily be able to integrate so that any text on any page can be translated as needed?

Please consider this type of option - seem like a potential home-run?

PS - I realize that, given the API-first nature of your solution, the widget approach may not be the final answer. But they also offer APIs: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/products.aspx that might better fit into the Ryver rendering.


We had generally figured that people would be chatting/posting in the same language, and that the primary issue is with the app itself, and things like date format. But that widget is certainly an interesting idea!

The interface needs to be able to be displayed in other language. For example, i word for an education in Quebec, Canada. Here we have a law which forces us to use softwares and tools that are in french. Now I have convinced them to try out the platform and they like it, but the organisation cannot enduldge this app since it's not in french. The other option they want to try out is Microsoft Teams since it's in french...



When can we enjoy Ryver in different languages ? I can help you with French and Spanish if needed :)

Thank you !

As a Jose, I can help you with translations too. I can make translations for Russian and Lithuanian ;)

This is so fundamental to adopt River into my organization!

We are a medium sized ONG with 200 volunteers onboard, having Ryver in Italian is a must have to let everyone jump in, we have very different education levels within our people and not everyone is good in English.

We're also more than willing to help with translation efforts.


More than two years on and still no apparent change - still no internationalization. Guys, this is fundamental to any software even if it is full of mistakes.

But worse still, there is not even a language option for spell checking - which is essentially device based and not even an application question. Seriously, if you want to be up there with the big players you must get at least this bit sorted...

Hi! I have been waiting for about 2 years after offering to help with translating to Polish. Any update? This seems to be a crucial thing and with offers to help, what might we be able to move out of the way to help get it done?